Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clothes Horse Number Fourteen

What I wore. And I are lots of cookies.
I have been making some watercolors of what I wore lately. This one shows me wearing an orange sweater that reminds me of the colors of alphabet soup. I quite like soup and sweaters, so that is perfect for me. I also ate an absurd amount of cookies, too. You can see them flying from my hands in this illustration, too! I have on my Woodland Bunny Wood Pin, too.

Bunny Pin that I made.
I love how this bunny looks on my veggie soup sweater!

What I wore and I danced on a cloud.
I also wore this outfit this week, too. This one has my Sleeping Bunny Wood Pin on my grey sweater with a cowl neck. I love this one cos It is just so cozy! I love wearing it with different brooches that I make! With this sweater I am wearing one of my favorite skirts - it is navy and red plaid from Built By Wendy. I paired it with teal tights that Raoul gave me as a gift a few years ago.

Wearing my Sleeping Bunny Pin and a cozy grey sweater. It is cold today!
It was pretty cold the day I wore these, but I was super warm!


  1. I love your outfits and the illustrations of them! And wow, those pins are adorable!! I especially like the Woodland Bunny pin :)