Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures - Pink Cake Edition

Happy birthday dad!
Since Friday was my Dad's birthday, we celebrated with some chocolate cake with pink frosting! It had raspberries in the center, so that was nice.

Crafting weekend for me is a GO!
Later that day I had raspberry tea and was ready for a busy weekend of crafting! I am gearing up for the holiday markets coming up.

Oh Nilla.
My cat, Nilla helped me with my fabric.

My fuzzy cat.

Cheese doodle factory.

This was the best te itade Hello Kitty toast!
I had some Hello Kitty toast. This was the best that I have ever seen Hello Kitty's face on my toast. I usually try and cram bagels or funny bread shapes into the toaster. It doesn't work as well as a regular bread-shaped bread does.

Now playing.
I love listening to records when I am crafting. This was on my turntable this weekend.

Our founder.
We also had some time to go downtown and hang out with a friend that came over from Atlanta. It was a nice break from sewing and doing computer work all weekend.

What what! Look what came in the mail!!
And these yummy treats came in the mail from Australia!

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