Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meet Me at the Library

Lonna and Katy at the library.
A while ago I got to give a talk at the Oconee County Library. My friend Lonna is the gal in charge of the Oconee County Library Teen Area, namely the section that houses zines! Lonna asked me and local band Werewolves to come to their launch party to give a talk on how I got started making zines and why they are still important today. I have to say, it was a great event and I had so much fun talking to everyone about zines and zine making! It was great.

Me, Lonna, and Katy giving a talk about how we got into zines.
Here I am with Lonna and Katy (Bottle Rocket Zine) giving our talk about zines. It was nice to have Katy there cos she is so into zines, and that is how I met Katy, too.

Making a collective zine at the library.
There was a room dedicated to making a page for a collaborative zine to remember the party that night. There were markers and paper for making pages.

Over 100 zines collected for the library!
This is the zines Lonna collected for the library! It does not seem like it, but there are close to 100 zines in this waterfall display! Lonna said they were donated from all over the world, and this zine library is the only one in the Athens area.

Zines at the library.

What are zines?

Zine library opening day.

At the library at night!!

Star Trek.

Werewolves, zines, and pizza!
Werewolves playing!

Me and my pal Jean at the zine library opening day.
me and my pal Jean!

Me and Jay.
Me and my pal Jay!

Go zines!

Go Katy!!

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