Monday, November 5, 2012

Cheese Puff Plush

Doodle time.
Here I am getting ready for the upcoming holiday handmade markets! I finished a dozen cheese puffs, which were a request from a friend of mine. They look really good, and were fun to make!

Cheese doodle factory.

Making plush cheese doodles.
My one yard of fabric made 24 cheese puffs.

Paw paw!
Even Nilla gave me a hand in cutting out my plush softies! She is so helpful.

Cheese doodle progress!

Now with faces!

Cheese doodle plush.

Photograph of my cheese doodle!
Ta da! Here is a finished cheese puff plush. Aren't they so cute?


  1. OH MY CHEESEY POOFS!! ^__^ they are so so wonderful will you have any on your etsy shop too? pretty please? maybe?

    1. I think I will add some really soon! Maybe over the weekend they will go to my Etsy shop! :)