Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tunesday Tuesday: My Bubba and Mi

My Bubba and Mi Drawing
Now I will tell you about one of my favorite bands. They are called My Bubba and Mi and they are the best band you never heard of. My Bubba and Mi are two ladies from Sweden and Iceland. I think sometimes a third girl plays with them, too, so I drew three girls! They have toured all over Europe and are doing some dates this fall in the USA. Their music sounds like sweet lullabyes and candy canes. I think they are one of the most creative bands I have heard in a while. They have a new EP Wild and You, and it is so very wonderful. I love their words and how their voices come together. Let's have a listen...

And I really love this one cos of all the goats all over. It is really neat. I really wish I was there to give all those goats a hug.

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