Sunday, October 23, 2011

California Vacation Part 1

Last week we returned from visiting Raoul's family in California. They live outside of Los Angeles. I really enjoyed myself and it was nice to take some time and relax with Raoul's family. Raoul has two nieces and a nephew - Julia, Evan, and Lilly. Julia and Evan showed us these zebras that live on a ranch in Riverside. There are so many horses and ranches in Riverside.

Zebras 0044_2

Zebras 0043

Zebras 0052_2

Zebras 0058_2

Then we went to a place called Tio's Tacos. They had lots of recycled items made into garden art and folk art. You can sit in the garden and have your taco dinner. We did just that. The thing I liked the most were the mosaics and the fresh fruit juices.

Tio's Tacos 0062_2

Tio's Tacos 0067_2

Tio's Tacos 0070_2

Tio's Tacos 0072_2

Tio's Tacos 0075_2

Tio's Tacos 0089_2

Tio's Tacos 0090

Tio's Tacos 0116

Tio's Tacos 0101

Tio's Tacos 0120

Tio's Tacos 0111

Tio's Tacos 0110

Tio's Tacos 0079_2

Tio's Tacos 0130

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