Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Zoo Birthday

On my birthday we went for a trip to Zoo Atlanta. We had so much fun. The zoo has many baby animals that were born within the last year, so I thought this was our chance to see the little ones in action. Here are some of the animals we saw that day.

Zoo 0003

Zoo 0013
Check out those eyelashes!

Zoo 0011

Zoo 0019

Zoo 0020

Zoo 0027

Zoo 0035
Here is the momma kangaroo - you can tell cos of her pouch. She had a baby joey six months ago.

Zoo 0048
You can see the baby's little back paw peeking out of the pouch in this photo. The zoo keepers told us the baby will come out within the next month or so.

Zoo 0051

Zoo 0059
Next were the pandas. There was a newborn panda, but we did not get to see it. I think it was hiding in another part of their home.

Zoo 0061

Zoo 0069

Zoo 0072

Zoo 0076
This is the three year old panda. They love to eat bamboo.

Zoo 0089
We also got to go to the petting zoo. Doesn't this goat have such a happy smile?

Zoo 0091
I love how the wooly sheep feel.

Zoo 0094

Zoo 0100

Zoo 0102

Zoo 0111

Zoo 0122
Then we came back around to the kangaroos. We got to see thet little joey peeking out of the pouch! What an exciting day!

Zoo 0123
Look how sweet they are - momma and baby!

Zoo 0133

Zoo 0137

Zoo 0139

Zoo 0166

Zoo 0164

Zoo 0198
Then we got to see the baby giraffe! This baby giraffe was born in July.

Zoo 0214

Zoo 0227

Zoo 0242
These two were helping each other reach the leaves. they also were very snuggly.

Zoo 0271
We also saw the baby gorillas. This is the younger of the two riding on the momma's back.

Zoo 0279

Zoo 0280

Zoo 0291

Zoo 0306
This is my best picture of the two tiger cubs, too. Notice the white spots on the back of their ears? Those are to make other animals think those are eyes.

Zoo 0324
I love the otters! They were very playful when we got to see them.

Zoo 0325

Zoo 0341

Zoo 0350
The little orangutan was showing off for everyone watching.

Zoo 0361

Zoo 0353
This is the baby orangutan and the momma. This is my best picture of them together.

Zoo 0373
This is one of my new favorite animals, the red panda!

Zoo 0384

Zoo 0390
The naked mole rats were so strange!

Zoo 0401
And here is my Dad and Mom enjoying their day at the zoo!


  1. wonderful photos - thank you for sharing your day. I can't believe the baby kangaroos! They are so amazing! xx

  2. stunning photos!

  3. Thanks so much, Emilia! I had a very nice birthday! I think the baby kangaroos were my favorite!

    Thanks, Sarah! I am glad you enjoyed my photos!