Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wedding Buttons, I Mean, Wedding Bells!

Wedding display with my buttons!
Back in November our friend Erin had her wedding. Erin married John, and here is their guest table when you entered the wedding. Notice all the thoughtful wedding favors - cds of music chosen by the happy couple, sparklers to send them off on their honeymoon (with matching match boxes), and some of my buttons from Shoppe Sugar Cookie!

My buttons on the table at the wedding.
Erin and John chose their favorite buttons from all of my collection. Here is a cute little bowl that fits them perfectly. The guests took buttons as they entered the reception. Oh and why do these photos look so good? They were taken by local photographer Jason Thrasher!

My whale button at Erin's wedding!
Some of the guys pinned my buttons on their ties! It was fun to see everyone dancing around with my buttons on!

Erin and John's Wedding Photo Booth 1
And they had a photobooth at their wedding, need I say more? We had so much fun I did not want to leave the photobooth, but there was a line outside of it, though. Here I am with Raoul trying to get a good pose for the camera.

Erin and John's wedding.
And here is the now married couple! Congrats!


  1. What an awesome idea - love it! So cute!

  2. Thanks, Vixie! We had so much fun at the wedding, I wanted to stay all night. :)