Friday, April 8, 2011

Our New Friend

Dandy 0011
What have you been doing all week? Well, we have been very busy getting our new friend settled in to our home. We adopted him as a "husbun" for our bunny, Oreo. He came from the North Georgia House Rabbit Society and is a rescued rabbit.

Dandy 0013
His name at the shelter was Dandelion. We nicknamed him Dandy, but we knew we wanted to change it when we got to know him better. So far, after over a dozen name ideas, we settled on Jumbles. Our pets all have a cookie-theme to their names, and Jumbles are a cookie that I read about in my cookie cookbook.

Dandy 0009
So far Oreo really likes Jumbles, but we have to keep them separated until they get more used to one another. It is so fun to watch them play together!

Dandy 0015

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