Monday, April 25, 2011

Fluke 2011

Saturday was Fluke, Athens own mini comics, zines, and self publishing event. We scrambled to get a table, and set up as fast as we could! Here was our set up.

FLUKE 6061

Fluke 2011 0016

Fluke 2011 0013

Fluke 2011 0014
We had a bunch of new stuff, and I did three new zines the day before Fluke, too! I was really proud of myself, as they came together nicely. Raoul had made some new zines, too. Lots of people came by to say hello, which was nice. We met lots of new people, and all of our old friends.

Fluke 2011 0006

Fluke 2011 0008

Fluke 2011 0010
Here is Raoul at our table. It was very busy the whole time, so I only had a small amount of time to browse myself! I managed to get some good comics from some neat artists!

FLUKE 6074
Here I am with some of the finger puppets I made from felt.

Fluke 2011 0004

FLUKE 6063

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