Saturday, April 9, 2011

On Glee!

Glee Valentine's Day Episode 1
Well, I am not on Glee, but some mugs I designed for my day job were! They are on the Valentine's Day episode. We don't watch Glee, but maybe I will start! Mine is the one shown with the XOXO border and hot pink hearts! In the episode, Blaine, who is in a cafe with Kurt, looks at my mug and says something like, "Don't they have anything in here that DOESN'T have cute little hearts on it?"

Our friend and co-worker, Erin of Luxe and Lace spotted these mugs when she was watching Glee in her downtime on a business trip to China. She took these pictures on her iPod with the screen capture.

Glee Valentine's Day Episode 2
So if you look behind the dudes, you can see a brown and pink mug shown, which is made by our friend and co-worker Libby, who is also Daisy Doodles on Etsy, and I also made the black and red design shown in this photo, too.

So go art department! Hooray!

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