Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sketchbook Project - Number Two

Sketchbook Project 6
I have been trying really hard to keep up with my Sketchbook Project. I documented two of my outfits from last week. One day I wore a vintage striped dress that I have not worn in ages. It reminded me of Margot Tenenbaum a bit, and look - I forgot the T in Margot in my drawing! And I tried really hard not to misspell Tenenbaum. Silly me! I am really bad with movies (ask Raoul) and do not remember movie information like so many of my friends do.

Sketchbook Project 3
So here is the drawing of my cute little outfit. I do know the dress was purchased at the Salvation Army on Route 8 in Pennsylvania, circa 1995 or so. They had the same dress with blue stripes, too, but I did not buy that one for some odd reason. This is not a real Lacoste dress like Margot's in the movie. Instead of the alligator logo, it has a bumble bee applique, but I did not draw it in.

Sketchbook Project 4

Sketchbook Project 5
Friday's inspiration was the 1980's cos I found this cute striped top in the pajama section of our local Target. I am going to wear it as a regular top, though, and I think that is okay. I used to want to wear my pajamas as real clothes a la Evan Dando in the 1990's, but I was in high school and my mom would not let me. Now I can!

Sketchbook Project 2
To take this look to the next level (and no, I did not wear my rollerskates to work!), I wore a little heart charm that looks very Lisa Frank to me. Raoul gave this to me for Christmas one year, and it even has a fake sparkly "diamond" on it!

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