Friday, July 9, 2010

In progress...

Sketchbook for July 8, 2010
Happy weekend, everyone. Even though this week was short and fun cos of a holiday, it felt long at times. But I am working on this drawing for something to show next week. As you can see, there are some mess ups and try agains, but that is how I draw. I love drawing the same things over and over until I feel they look right. I also draw pen to paper only, most of the time, like on this page. Oh I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans, cos we are going to Chapel Hill, NC to see one of our favorite bands, Unrest! Now i have seen Mark Robinson play a handful of times, but I am very excited to finally see Unrest! Plus, our pal Janice will be there all the way from Seattle! I am sure you will be able to read more about it on Rancho Cocoa!

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