Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cloud Drawings - Beluga Whale and Slug

Cloud on the way to Chapel Hill, 85 North.
I have always enjoyed looking at clouds. I love looking for hidden pictures in the sky. I have been thinking about my Puffy White Clouds zine lately and how I could show you what I see in the clouds. At first glance, the cloud looks very ordinary. We saw this one on the 85 North on our recent trip to Chapel Hill. You can read about that trip here and here, complete with photos!

Cloud Drawing - Beluga Whale
On first sight, this cloud looked like my favorite whale, a beluga! I love how belugas always look like they have a permanent smile. They are so graceful, too.

Cloud Drawing - Slug
Then some of my friends said this cloud reminded them of something different. Katy said it was a slug. Since she lives in Paris, France it should be in French - "une limace." My friend Jamie also said it looked like a slug, but more specifically a banana slug.

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