Monday, January 28, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures: Pen Pals, Snowmen, and Knitting Edition

First pen pal letter of the year! Thanks @dearest_jen !
Last week was a doozy - Raoul and I both caught the same cold, only I still have mine. I managed to get some rest, drink lots of cough syrup, play with the pets, and go to a show. These are some pics from my weekend.

Second pen pal letter if the year! Thanks @lorimacsmif !
I got two pen pal letters in the same week, so that was awesome! I love getting mail and I love having pen pals.

Bunny buds.
Oreo and Jumbles are so close. They snuggle so close to each other all the time. SO close that their whiskers get in each other's eyes.

Traveling Imaginary! #e6 #elephant6
We got to see the Music Tapes under their custom made circus tent! It was so fun, but I had to eat cherry cough drops the entire time. The Music Tapes put on a fantastic performance! More pictures later...

Music Tapes drum with elephant. #e6 #elephant6

It snowed last night under the big top!

Fuzzy Nilla rolling in her box.
I played with Nilla and she jumped into her box. She loves to roll in this box.

Can you spot all of my pets?
Here is the view of all my pets! Love them!

My Bo Peep scarf so far.
I also had time to work on my knitting - I guess the one good thing about having a cold all week is that I actually had time to make some knitting progress!

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