Monday, October 1, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures - Around Town Edition

ATHICA show - bread boats. #athens #athensga
This was one busy weekend here at the Ranch! We went to an opening at ATHICA gallery and saw some great art for sure.

We met Bilbo the pup yesterday.
Then our pals Allison and Josie met this dog called Bilbo. Bilbo's owner let us hold the leash while she perused the art that night. What a good dog!

Making cookies.
I made cookies.

Into the oven!
I made chocolate chip with two types of chocolate chips! They were pretty good!!

Phoebe! @amwelles
Our friend Jason had a get together for his birthday. He and his girlfriend Autumn have guinea pigs! Here is Phoebe. They are really adorable.

Franny! @amwelles
This little one is Franny. So cute - they make the neatest sounds.

Light rain.
Sunday we went to our favorite garden center, Thyme After Thyme. It was closing day after 25 years! So sad, so we bought some plants.

Mossy tree.

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