Monday, December 5, 2011

Projects from the Weekend

Piggy Tissue Pal front view
We have been busy here at the Ranch making some new things to have at Chatty Crafty coming up on December 10 and 11 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are really excited to visit Chattanooga again and see a different holiday handmade market. I have been making some new things to restock our tables cos so much sold at ICE Atlanta.

Peanut plush softie
I also have stuff at ICE Pop Up Shop in Atlanta. This year it is at Criminal Records, and they have bands playing and comic books and records. What more could you get out of in Indie Craft Experience like that?

Sewing a bunny with the help of my Flossy the Unicorn Embroidery Floss Bobbin.
For my friends in New England, you can shop at Craftland in Providence, Rhode Island. I have been told that Craftland is really amazing as a holiday event, and an all-the-time shop, too. Please have a look there cos lots of my goodies are there, too.

Little owl ornament.
As usual, you can look at Shoppe Sugar Cookie for some holiday pressies, too. I am working really hard at getting the orders out as soon as I can, but I ask for overseas orders to be in before December 10 and USA orders to be in before December 16. I hope everyone is enjoying the days leading up to Christmas! I know I have been with lots of cups of tea and hot chocolate. Hopefully soon we will find time to decorate!

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