Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tunesday Tuesday: Kathleen Hanna

Tunesday Tuesday: Kathleen Hanna
First off, I will say that I have been a fan of Kathleen Hanna for a long time. Probably over half my life! I first read about Kathleen Hanna and Bikini Kill in Sassy Magazine and then found their music on Kill Rock Stars. I got their Peel Sessions 7" and I remember first listening to it on a junky record player that I got at a yard sale. My pen pal Mary Anne in New York City used to go see Bikini Kill and write to me about the experience. I was in awe. We had the chance to see Kathleen DJ at the High Museum of Art for their masquerade ball right before Halloween. It was so awesome to see Kathleen DJ and dance in the crowd. Needless to say, I am still excited about this event, even though it was almost two weeks ago.

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0094

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0097

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0146

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0211
After a few songs and some dancing around her laptop, she shimmied her way into the crowd! She danced right in front of us! We were so thrilled.

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0200
I love seeing all the costumes from that night - everyone is dancing!

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 199
I was dancing so much, too, so all my pictures that I took are dancing, too.

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0195

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0190

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0187
Oh my - I love this photo of her, but please do not look at the creepy baby costume behind her! I should have Photoshopped that thing out, but I decided to leave it. Scary!!

I am still scared by that costume!!

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0215

Kathleen Hanna at the High Museum 0213
So she DJ-ed into the night, but it is a museum after all, so we left and I think she played longer than they thought cos it was getting so late.

I am telling Kathleen Hanna how I was the only girl in my high school to listen to Bikini Kill.
Then after the show I told her I was the only girl in my high school that listened to Bikini Kill! And I am pretty sure I was (except for people I made mix tapes for). She is a hero of mine, so it felt good to let her know this. I gave her a charm necklace, too, and got my pictures taken. Raoul took these photos. She even posed for each photo that was taken, and there we lots of people who were getting their photos taken!

Me and kathleen Hanna!!!

Now let's watch some Kathleen TV. Here she is discussing zines versus blogs.

Here is a talk I saw that had some neat riot grrrl and zine history, er, herstory...


  1. Hahaha, I'm glad you didn't Photoshop me out! That's me in the baby head...womp womp :D

  2. Wow! Mary Rebecca- we were scared of that mask all night! Too funny. I loved your Halloween pictures!

  3. Hi! I found your blog when I was googling Kathleen Hanna stuff... I was there that night! I see me in your fourth picture (tall blonde probably blocking your pictures wearing purple). Great pictures! I flew to Atlanta from California that weekend to see one of my best friends and meet Kathleen Hanna! I was also the only girls in high school that listened to Bikini Kill... Kids used to think I was crazy for listening to girl punk and being a teenage feminist. Silly kids! But what a wonderful weekend that was.. I could have never imagined meeting her, dancing by her and getting a hug! I

  4. YES! I really enjoyed seeing Kathleen Hanna, too. I was so excited! I am so glad we got to see her, and on Halloween! We danced all night! Go Rebel Girl!