Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mystery Triennial at ATHICA: Coming Soon!

Here is the girl puppet I am making.
We have been very busy here at the Ranch, making things and preparing for the Mystery Triennial art show at ATHICA. I have three pieces I am getting ready for that night. Here are some pictures from when I was working on them.

Here is the boy puppet I am making.

Here is a cat for an art show I am working on.
My brother Joe helped me some with making these little guys work...

Boy Elf String Puppet 0196

Boy Elf String Puppet 0198_2
Into string puppets! These string puppets were inspired by some of these that our uncle brought us back from his trip to Mexico when I was little. I think we also got some sombreros, too.

Cat String Puppet 0206

Cat String Puppet 0208
I made an elf boy and girl, and their pet cat. I think the cat is sort of Nilla-shaped, too! Here are pictures of the boy and cat, but I thought I took some of the girl, but it looks like I just took doubles of the boy accidentally. She is shown in one of the top photos, though. I assure you, dear readers, she is just as cute at the ones I have shown here.

So, come check out the Mystery Triennial at ATHICA on Saturday, August 20th! It looks like a great show with lots of terrific artists!

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