Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Buttons!

Here are some more of my buttons that I made lately...

Banana Yes - Button 01.19.11

Banana No - Button 01.20.11
This pair of bananas is called Banana Yes Banana No after a song I made from my band, which was also called Sugar Cookie.

Smiling Broccoli - Button 01.21.11

Pineapple Smile - Button 01.22.11

Cute Carrot - Button 01.23.11

Reddy Tomato - Button 01.24.11
Raoul and I are all about eating healthy this year! So far we are doing good. I love broccoli, pineapple, carrots, and tomatoes, so I made them into happy foods we love to eat. Oreo also likes pineapple, too.

S'mores Graham Cracker Number 1 - Button 01.25.11

S'Mores Chocolate Bar - Button 01.26.11

S'Mores Marshmallow - Button 01.27.11

S'Mores Graham Cracker Number 2 - Button 01.28.11
I predict the hot trendy craft food du jour of 2011 will be s'mores! I made this button set of s'mores to be worn as a set. It is inspired by family camping trips when I was little. My brother Greg ate so many s'mores that it made him sick!

Groundhog Day Early Spring - Button 01.29.11

Groundhog Day Long Winter - Button 01.30.11
I think my Groundhog Day Button Set bears showing again, even though we just celebrated this holiday yesterday! Every time I say to Raoul that this is a "holiday" he laughs at me! Being a Pennsylvanian, this IS a holiday!

Jumping Squirrel - Button 01.31.11
And last, but not least, here is my Jumping Squirrel Badge. This button for sure was inspired by Nilla's squirrel friend that comes to the window to visit!

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