Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buttons From January

Here are my buttons for my 365 Buttons project I am making for 2011. Lots are in my Shoppe Sugar Cookie, too.

Woodland Deer - Button 01.10.11

Woodland Bunny - Button 01.11.10

Woodland Raccoon - Button 01.12.11

Woodland Fox - Button 01.13.11
This is my Woodland Friends collection of forest animals. I had animals on my mind and wintery mood still and I imagined these animals having fun in the forest with each other.

Stripey Shirt Rabbit - Button 01.14.11

Dotty Shirt Tiger - Button 01.15.11

Stripey Shirt Panda Bear - Button 01.16.11

Dotty Shirt Doggie - Button 01.17.11

Stripey Shirt Frog - Button 01.18.11
These buttons feature dots and stripes. I like how each of the critters have opposite shirts and backgrounds. Tomorrow I will show more buttons from the end of January!


  1. Those are so cute! I love the little racoon the best. I was also admiring your pictures you took! I sell buttons too and trying to get a good shot with bright colour and no glare is so difficult! Any tips?

  2. Hi Kate - I don't think my pictures are that good! I am getting better, tho. I like to use natural lighting.