Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hang Out Club and Craft Party

Hang out and craft night at Katy's house.
Last week we visited out friend's house for a Hang Out Craft Party. We had so much fun making crafts and seeing everybody. Here is Lonna and friends making some paper flowers.

At the Hang Out Party!

Everyone brought clothes for a swap.
Everyone swapped clothes that they were getting rid of. I forgot my clothes at home, but next time I will bring them!

Clothes swap with our friends.
I was thinking about this skirt that Dena brought, though!

I love Katy and I love her hair.
This is Katy, she wrote the fanzine Bottle Rocket for a while. We love Katy!

Hi Dena and friends.
Here is Dena - she was working on cd covers for a friend's band. She had to make 100 covers for them!

Swing at Katy's house. Testing my skills.
Later their roommate Laura took us to see the swing outside. I love the swing, and would like one for our yard. Not sure if we have a great tree like they do... Looking forward to the next Hang Out Club!