Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketchbook Project - Panda Sweater Week

What I Wore 11.24.10 - 5
I will tell you about another favorite sweater of mine - my panda sweater! I got it back in 2002, winter, after I first moved to Athens.

What I Wore 11.24.10 - 3
It was in the window of Artichoke in Normaltown (remember that shop anyone?) and I had to turn around to go back and check it out.

What I Wore 11.24.10 - 4
Lucky me, it was just my size! My panda sweater also goes well with my panda shoes!

What I Wore 11.24.10 - 2

Snow! Yay!
This was the perfect sweater to go outside late last night and check out the snow!

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